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Connecting people for the common good

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Grassroots community of entrepreneurs

We are a web-based community of individuals with a shared passion for regenerative business practices. We welcome anyone who wants to connect, grow and learn more about it. Our focus is supporting the San Diego bioregion and beyond.

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Community Diversity

Regenerative-focused approach to community building through diversity & inclusiveness


Network of individuals coming from a place of abundance (opposed to scarcity/competition).


Peer mentorship, education, and resources for the support of regenerative practices.

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We need to be mindful of our impacts on others. Sustainable isn't enough anymore, now our focus needs to be on healing and regenerating. We have to start doing things in a way that brings us back to a state of harmony.

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Our impact in numbers


What's happening in the community

2021-10-21 Marina Yanay-Triner, ROOTED thumbnail v3.PNG

October 21, 2021

Marina Yanay-Triner // COACHING: Create Deep ROOTED 

Hosted by

Isabel Wen

Coffee 2021-07-08 Gilad Goren BitGreen.P

July 8, 2021

Gilad Goren // BitGreen

Hosted by

Jessa Spainhower

Coffee 2021-06-24 Adam French emote desi

June 24, 2021

Adam French ( // Designing a Resilient Business Model

Hosted by

Mavis Carolina Herrera

Virtual Coffee meetings

Casual meetups with a focus on Regenerative Business Practices every Thursday.

2021-10-21 Marina Yanay-Triner, ROOTED thumbnail v3.PNG
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For more events, check out our #Events Slack channel.


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What members are saying

“Coffee meets are great for good conversation, maybe I can contribute, maybe I can learn, maybe I can connect. Here to learn and see what’s going on. Maybe it’s more of a casual space to meet like-minded people. It’s a pleasurable experience; feel-good aspect that I enjoy as an older person / newcomer. It is extremely valuable to be around people like us.”

Atil, member of community