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Next San Diego is a grassroots community of entrepreneurs who are passionate about regenerative business practices. 


Our vision is to be a network of networks within San Diego and beyond. To connect all of the incredible individuals and organizations that are making positive systemic change for the world.

We believe that regenerative business is a powerful tool for addressing systemic injustice. 

We also believe that a culture of openness creates shared wealth of knowledge. It creates trust. And it strengthens community. Give-before-you-get, as they say. 


All Virtual / Online 

  • Coffee meet ups & community workshops

  • Events with speakers - leaders from our community & other regions

  • Discussions

  • Share resources & opportunities

  • ...and whatever else you, the community, would like to do!

We'd love for you to join us! - It's free. 


We welcome anyone who wants to support, practice, and learn more about regenerative business practices.

Some of the things we like (in no particular order, and by no means exclusive):

Social Enterprise (SE) business models// Sustainability // Workforce Development // 

Employee Ownership // Worker Cooperatives // Zebras // Community Funding // Democratic Decision-making // Stakeholder Capitalism // 

Circular Economy // Conscious Capitalism // Cleantech // Climate Action // Preservation of Cultural Heritage // Dismantling Racial Injustice

What this might look like (in no particular order, and not exclusive):

  • Individuals

  • Certified B Corps (aka B Corps)

  • Public Benefit Corporations (PBCs)

  • Nonprofit with Revenue (501c(3), NPO)

  • Nonprofit with For-profit Subsidiary

  • Social Purpose Corporations

  • Grassroots Organizations

  • Traditional Corporate Entities with Social Impact

  • Government organizations with social impact mission

  • Collaborations between Business // Non-profit // Government // Community


Check out our POLARIS lean business plan.

  • Why do we exist?

  • Core Values

  • What do we do?

  • What makes us unique?

  • Who are our dream "clients"?

  • How do we add value?

  • What makes us unique?

  • What are our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

  • What are our goals?