To Human with Grace

So now what is she talking about, “To human with grace”? I thought what with the up-coming holidays; the ending of 2021; contending with pandemic ‘normality’; running a business; meeting deadlines, shopping; trying to find quality time for family and friends; struggling to stay safe and healthy; perhaps dealing with financial issues, dealing with not so happy people; maybe it would be a good time to slow down a minute. Maybe even stop for a moment.

I get it. You’re busy. Rushing to get somewhere. Zooming another session. Meeting important people. Hanging with friends. Fulfilling family obligations. Preparing for the holidays. Completing a major project. Finalizing end-of-year business. Trying to stay healthy and well balanced.

So, think about it: What were you doing last year at this time? How did you feel? What promises did you make to yourself? How are you feeling now?

In the hustle and bustle of now, it is easy to revert to old familiar patterns of behaving and doing. What messages are you telling yourself? Are you feeling empowered? Are you doing enough? Are you smart enough? Are you nice enough? Are you assertive enough? Are you leading? Are you following? Are you questioning? Do you have answers? Why are you so tired? Are you sleeping enough? Are you interacting enough? Are you meeting your business goals? How well are you dealing with clients? What could you be doing better? Are you on track? Are you feeling frustrated. Are you all over the place?

Well, ENOUGH ALREADY! Time to stop a moment. Breathe. Whatever you are feeling, let yourself feel it. Own it. Let that feeling run its course. If that feeling brings you down, try to let go. If you feel strength from that feeling, build on it. Then, give yourself some gratitude, peace, and quiet. And let yourself be you. Give yourself permission to human without self judgement. Just be you, in all your splendor, wonder, and glory. Celebrate you. Handle you with grace, dignity, and respect. Give the gift of self to you. Try not to give away any power to anyone or anything right now. Just hold on to you with grace, at least for this moment. You deserve it.

Think about reaching out to friends and family. Let them know you're thinking about them. Find someone you trust who will provide a safe space to talk or be that someone who will listen and lend support. Connection, caring, graciousness, and gratitude can be difference makers that only cost the gift of your presence. That simple act may bring unexpected rewards. Remember, regeneration begins with you!

Until next time. Take care.

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